Bag a Bargain: Cheap Elk Hunting Trips for the Thrifty Adventurer

Cheap Elk hunting trips

Introduction to our hunting guide on a budget

Elk hunting trips are a hot commodity these days.

The traditional method of booking an elk hunting trip is to get a hold of a hunting guide and arrange for them to find you an elk hunt that fits your budget, schedule, and interests.

Planning an elk hunting trip on a budget can seem like a daunting task, but it is possible! Depending on the length of the trip, you will need to determine a minimum budget. A few essential things to consider are lodging, food, transportation, and equipment. Lodging can be as cheap as camping in a tent or cabin for a few nights. When it comes to food, you can get by with simple meals like dried goods, canned foods, and MREs. Transportation costs vary depending on how far you travel and whether you are flying or driving. Lastly, you need to make sure that your hunting equipment is top-notch and up-to-date; however, don’t spend too much money on equipment that won’t make a difference in the outcome of your hunt. With careful planning and research into prices for all of these items, you should be able to plan an enjoyable elk hunting trip on a minimum budget of around $500-1000.

Here are our favorite places to go on an elk hunt in America:

Montana Archery Elk Hunts

Montana is a great place to hunt elk. The state has many public lands, which means you can hunt elk in the public domain all year round.

You’ll also have access to private lands that offer excellent opportunities for hunting big game animals like elk.

There are several ways to hunt elk in Montana: archery season, muzzleloader season, and rifle only.

The cost of these trips varies depending on what type of license you’re purchasing.

Oregon Archery Elk Hunts

Oregon is a great place to hunt elk and has some of the best archery elk hunts in the country.

Oregon has several large public land areas that offer bowhunting opportunities for both small and large trophies. These include:

●    Wallowa Lake is located in Eastern Oregon near Joseph and Enterprise. This area offers some excellent opportunities for big bulls.

●    The Deschutes National Forest near Pendleton offers extremely good archery hunting because it’s so close to Portland or Eugene, where you can easily access your favorite restaurant afterward. You will also find plenty of other outdoor activities, such as fishing or hiking if you want something different than hunting elk all day.

Idaho Archery Elk Hunts

Idaho is a great place to hunt elk. The state has a lot of public lands, making it easy to access your target species and avoid competition from other hunters.

It’s also big enough to find elk in every corner of the state, so there are plenty of options for bowhunting and rifle-hunting trips.

Idaho is home to incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, including mountain ranges like Sawtooth and Selway Wilderness Areas, which offer some of the best scenery when it comes time for your next hunt.

Utah Archery Elk Hunts

Utah is a great place to hunt elk, and it’s one of the best states in America for them. Not only do they have some unique archery season options, but they also offer various hunting seasons throughout their entire year.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get into bowhunting, look no further than Utah.

The state offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to try it out without breaking their bank accounts or giving up too much time away from work or school commitments.

Washington Archery Elk Hunts

Washington is a great place to hunt elk. It’s home to the largest elk herd in the lower 48 states, and plenty of them exist.

With over 125,000 acres of public land and private ranches that host hunters every year, you can be sure there will always be somewhere new to go.

Washington is also one of America’s most popular hunting destinations thanks largely to its amazing terrain: mountains, forests, and waterfalls combine on this state’s landscape, making it perfect for an archery hunt or any other type of bowhunting trip.

Colorado Archery Elk Hunts

Colorado is one of the best places to hunt elk. There are many opportunities in this state, and it’s easy to get around if you don’t have a vehicle.

You can find plenty of ranches and farms with good hunting grounds.

You can hunt in fall or springtime, but I prefer fall because it’s less crowded than springtime when everyone else is chasing deer or rabbit, which means that there will be fewer hunters around when you go out after your target animal.

California Archery Elk Hunts

California has many great elk hunting opportunities. Elk hunting is a popular activity in California, and it’s also a beautiful place to hunt.

You can find elk in many different types of terrain, including urban areas and mountainous terrain.

You might want to consider taking an archery hunt with California Archery Elk Hunts if you’re looking for an affordable trip that will allow you plenty of time away from your home base while still allowing access to some amazing locations throughout the state.

New Mexico Rifle Elk Hunts

New Mexico is a great place to hunt elk. New Mexico has a lot of public lands available to hunt on, and the state has numerous different types of terrain and seasons to choose from.

Two agencies manage New Mexico’s public lands: the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).

The BLM manages over half of all federal lands in New Mexico, while FWS manages another quarter through its National Wildlife Refuge System.

Both agencies have websites where you can find information about hunting opportunities throughout their respective regions; both offer maps showing areas with no restrictions on hunting or fishing access for residents or nonresidents alike.

Arizona Archery Elk Hunts

Arizona is a great place to hunt elk. The weather is great, with mild winters and summers that are nice enough to go hiking in without being too hot or cold.

There are many elk in Arizona, and they’re not just hanging out around the watering holes.

And if you want a really good time on your trip, consider visiting during February when they migrate from their winter ranges back down into Mexico for the breeding season.

There’s also plenty going on outside of hunting season: hiking trails along the Grand Canyon or Petrified Forest National Park will take your mind off what you’ve been doing for hours. Or maybe try some rafting down irrigation canals on Route 66?

Wyoming Archery Elk Hunts

Wyoming is a great place to hunt elk. It has a lot of public lands, and these areas are filled with elk and outfitters who will help you find them.

The state also allows for the harvest of antlerless permits from late August through October.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to hunt in Wyoming this fall, here are some things that might interest you:

Archery Elk Hunts: If your budget allows it, consider going on an archery hunt during this period.

These hunts can be expensive but provide great opportunities for bowhunters looking for action without worrying about hitting bulls or other large animals when they shoot at them.

You may even see some moose outside your target area if there aren’t any nearby.

Nevada Rifle Elk Hunts

Nevada is one of the few states that allows rifle hunting. It’s also a great place to learn how to hunt elk, as it’s one of their most popular game species.

The state has plenty of public lands, so you can walk in from your car or even fly into some areas if you can access a plane.

The terrain varies from desert scenery to mountains with snow during wintertime.

The weather tends to be very consistent throughout the year. It rarely gets too hot or too cold here, so there aren’t any seasonal differences in the time spent hunting.

Michigan Archery Elk Hunts

Michigan is one of the best states for elk hunting in the lower 48. Michigan has over 50,000 elk hunters each year, making it one of America’s top places for bowhunting opportunities.

Michigan’s forests are filled with thousands of acres of public land that offer great hunting options for archers and riflemen.

The state has some of the most diverse habitats available on earth: from deep-forested valleys to high mountain peaks where you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures!

Kansas Rifle Elk Hunts

Kansas offers a wide variety of elk hunting opportunities. The state’s hunting seasons are in the fall and winter, but it’s common to find elk herds in any of the many habitats found in Kansas.

Elk are plentiful here, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when it comes to your hunt.

You can hunt on private or public land, which means there is no limit on where you may go if you choose this option. You’ll have access to lots more than just your neighborhood backyard property.

Nebraska Rifle Elk Hunts

Nebraska is a great place to hunt elk, and it’s a great place for family-oriented hunting.

The weather is usually good, and you can get your license for a reasonable price. There are many places to stay in the state, so plenty of options are available if you’re looking for something affordable but not too far from town.

Pennsylvania Rifle Elk Hunts

Pennsylvania is a great state for elk hunting. It has lots of wildlife, and it’s big enough to offer an abundance of opportunities to hunt big game animals.

The state has many different types of land available for elk hunting, such as forests, mountains, and plains. There are also plenty of deer herds in Pennsylvania that can be hunted during the season.

The best time to go on an elk hunt in Pennsylvania is from November through February, when snowfall starts happening more often than not here in the Northeast region where we live.

If you’re looking for something special, try going out early before spring arrives. The weather tends not to change much until after March arrives, so ensure you plan accordingly by checking weather forecasts beforehand.


Elk hunting is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s also inexpensive to get out into the wilderness, which can be just as rewarding as any other outdoor activity.

Elk hunting trips can be found all over the country, so it’s easy for anyone to find an exciting adventure that fits their needs.

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